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The program just gets better & better with each filing

Ronald O'Brien, R&S Promotions , Glendora, CA
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efileSalesTax.com wins the CPA Practice Advisor 2011 Readers' Choice Awards

Colorado Sales Tax e-filing software

(We also support California Sales Tax, Florida Sales Tax and Illinois Sales Tax).
efileSalesTax.com now offers a Colorado Sales Tax e-filing system that is authorized and approved by the Colorado Department of Revenue.
efileSalesTax.com is easy to use, just login to our secure web portal and upload a spreadsheet, and in seconds it is converted into a state-approved format (an XML file which is electronically submitted to the state)
Most of our customers tell us since they've started using efileSalesTax.com, it now take them half the time to file their Colorado Sales Tax returns!
Check out what our customers are saying:
“We find everything easy to use, and we are very satisfied with the submission process. The Customer Service is also excellent.”
- Dave Sheldon, National Entertainment Network, Inc.
“Your staff was super in helping us set up our new electronic sales tax filing process. A previously arduous task made simple at a reasonable price. Thanks!”
- Ginger Franke, Holy Cross Energy
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